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30 December 2010 @ 07:12 pm
Christmas Pics (a week late)  
So forwhatever reason, I'm a total dummy and I keep forgetting to up my christmas pics. This years christmas was an early one we had to wake up at like 6am, because my sister and her husband had to come early in the morning. Well to be honest thats not that early, but I was up at a party the night before, so it was early to me... Although it was still lots of fun.

So we had a bigger christmas than I expected, but still smaller than back in the days when I was a kid. I got presents for my family (unexpectedly) and presented all my family with a digital e-card (which can be found at this link http://poshpanda.hostoi.com/christmas/christmas.html ). I got a nice haul, witch will be viewed later. And topped it off with great food and teeth destroying candies (yayz!). But enough of my boring talking, let us getto the pics.

Here is the tree in all its present-y glory. oh praise be to the tree which bestows upon me the gift of video games!

Various decor around the house, special attention should be paid to santa at the bottom doing the split... it generated the most questions, lol. Also That tapestry thing light up with blinking stars.

Just the piano redid...

Ah... the aforementioned haul, great things in there. I won't list anything, cause you can just look and see.

Close up on the important stuff, thats the money shot right there.
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